• Processed grains and nuts from Oleowita

    All raw materials are sourced from Polish crops, from domestic farmers and entrepreneurs. This guarantees the highest quality seeds and grains, which translates into an exceptional taste of oils and flours.

  • Wesołowscy - Honeys from the Barycz Valley

    Natural nectar honeys depending on the flowering dates of honey-growing plants. In addition, periodically occurring honeydew sometimes allows honeydew honey to be collected. Honeydew honey is available in liquid, solid and creamed form.

  • Honeys and bee products from the Gucio Apiary

    Top quality, local honeys from the Barycz Valley. You will meet them at fairs, festivals and harvest festivals organised in the Barczyca Valley area.

  • Beef and homemade beef products from Salers Sośnie

    A family business created out of a passion for cooking and food. In their own words, their aim was to create high quality 100% beef products that they had not previously encountered on shop shelves.

  • Topolove cheeses from Farm Krzysztof Niklewicz

    The cheeses have such a unique taste and aroma because they are made by hand from fresh milk obtained from cows from their own farm. They have been produced according to a traditional recipe for several years.

  • Naturum Hotel

    An intimate, three-star hotel located on the outskirts of the town in a quiet, peaceful setting surrounded by forests and the Milice Ponds. It is here that an exclusive standard of relaxation is combined with the local benefits of the area.

  • The Brick House and Barn

    The atmospheric interiors and tranquil surroundings will bring inner harmony. The barn is the ideal place for family or friends gatherings.

  • Sosenka Recreational Cottages

    An area full of greenery and attractions offering places for tents, campers and accommodation in year-round cottages. For the active, there is the possibility of exploring the Barycz Valley on canoes or bicycles.

  • Guesthouse "W Starym Młyn"

    Elements of the Art Nouveau style have been preserved in the rooms. Thanks to this, the interiors have acquired an incredible style, dignity and prestige while at the same time creating a perfect place for relaxation.

  • Holiday homes in the Barycz Valley - close to nature

    A dream area for those seeking respite close to nature. An ideal place for birdwatching as well as cycling, walking, canoeing or horse riding.

  • Birding Settlement Joachimówka

    The centre offers accommodation services in year-round comfortable cottages, training services, workshops, conferences and special events.

  • The Crane and Heron Apartments

    Leisure at any time of the year, in peace and quiet, away from the village buildings. The nearest neighbours are: forest, roe deer, cranes and herons.

  • Pension Lido

    Homely atmosphere and high standard of rooms characterise this place. The facility is located in the immediate vicinity of the lake and hiking, cycling and horse riding trails.

  • The Głowaczówka Inn

    In the Inn we will eat delicious and varied dishes of home cuisine based on local products. The basis of the menu is our king - the carp of Milicz.

  • The 8 Fish Inn

    Serves dishes based on local products. The menu features mainly freshwater fish dishes straight from the Milicz Ponds.


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